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Rigas Valda AVotina pamatskola is involved in Erasmus project “Hiking – Explore And Learn ”.
This was interesting and hard time because of the epidemological reasons. Most of the school year we all were on distance learning, we did not have chances to go hike. We work theoretically and had videoconferences in order to meet our project partners and friends.
But there came beautiful and flowerfull spring, and everyone had hunger to go out.
So our school according to the project aims suggested to have hiking day.
We could not to hike all together, but we could go hike on all together one day.

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We have a new noticeboard where we will inform the public about our project. It is standing in the arcade of the Castle of Žerotín and it will „rotate“ among various places, for example our town hall etc. The noticeboard was made by our colleague Lukáš Navrátil.

The “covid time“ does allow us to meet our project partners live. We should have visited the Spanish school in March for learning activities, but instead most of us are locked at home on distance learning. However, we decided to face the situation as we can and do at least something!

On Friday 26th March we met with our partners online in a Zoom videocall. Spanish pupils were at school, so we could at least see their classroom. Czech and Latvian kids are still at home on distance learning, so they joined the meeting individually.

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We are so excited to be part of this project which combines nature, partnership, healthy habits, language learning and so many essential benefits for our students. It´s an excellent opportunity to work inside and outside the classroom even considering the current pandemic situation.

In the first term we concentrated in settling the basis to start working. Although the first meeting couldn´t be held in Czech Republic, there has been a constant coordination among the participant countries via videocall and email. As regards the work in our country, we focused on choosing the students that were going to join the project. Nineteen twelve- years- old students were glad to participate after getting their parents´ formal consent.

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What we can do and how we prepare the hiking trails for our project?

Latvians teachers are trying to look for interesting hiking trails in order we all will be able to go hiking. 

It is allowed for Latvians to go hiking not more then 10 people with the coach. Our sport teacher( as she is the coach) organised Nordic walk workout in the woods. It was the way we could shared ideas about project work in these “interesting” times.

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January was the extra Winter Holidays for Latvian pupils and we started the school semester only on January 18th. It is three weeks as we are back on distance learning. It is not easy time for all of us.

But we have very beautiful winter time and we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can.

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What have we managed to do within our project in the Czech Republic so far? Due to the covid-19 situation we haven´t been able to do any outdoor activities or visit our partners in Latvia or Spain. However, we are trying to prepare all that we can and after the situation calms down, we will be ready to hike and travel…

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