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After long sitting at the computers during distance learning due to covid-19 pandemic, we were finally able to go hiking. Our first trip was on the 11th June 2021 and lead us to the Ondřejník massif it´s second highest point Ondřejník (889 m).

Our task on the trip was to shoot a videoreport that will be a part of our tourist guide. Each child had to learn their part in advance and because everybody did so, everything went very well. Children will edit the video after summer holidays – our school bought the Pinnacle Studio licence.

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Czechia, Latvia and Spain organized the final videoconference on Friday 28th May 2021. It was the „imaginary dot“ after this school year where children tested their knowledge of the stuff dealt with in this school year. We met online in Zoom 12 o´clock sharp (1 PM Latvian time), Czech and Spanish kids at school (finally!) and Latvian kids at home. We started with three kahoot games based on the vocabulary from trip 1 and 2. Each country prepared one game. Judging by children´s reactions, their had a lot of fun! Before saying goodbye and happy holidays (which start in a few days in Latvia), each child informed about their holiday plans. Even if we faced some technical problems and talking in masks was difficult, we enjoyed the videocall and I hope everybody is eager to meet after holidays again. Hana Břoušková.

Hello everybody, we are already back at school, distance learning is over! We can finally meet „live“ in the classroom. Our first live lesson was in the computer room where we prepared for the coming videoconference with Spain and Latvia. Children were doing online exercises, practising vocabulary for the videocall games and preparing their speech about holiday plans. I also collected their pictures painted during the lockdown. Have a look in the photogallery! If you want to, you try out our games! Hana Břoušková. Latvian words Spanish words Czech words MIX – what is it? Animals: Plants:

Rigas Valda AVotina pamatskola is involved in Erasmus project “Hiking – Explore And Learn ”.
This was interesting and hard time because of the epidemological reasons. Most of the school year we all were on distance learning, we did not have chances to go hike. We work theoretically and had videoconferences in order to meet our project partners and friends.
But there came beautiful and flowerfull spring, and everyone had hunger to go out.
So our school according to the project aims suggested to have hiking day.
We could not to hike all together, but we could go hike on all together one day.

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We have a new noticeboard where we will inform the public about our project. It is standing in the arcade of the Castle of Žerotín and it will „rotate“ among various places, for example our town hall etc. The noticeboard was made by our colleague Lukáš Navrátil.