Valašské Meziříčí

Základní škola Valašské Meziříčí, Šafaříkova 726, okres Vsetín, p.o.

“Primary school Šafaříkova” is the second largest school in a town of Valašské Meziříčí in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. We cover lower and upper primary education in 9 grades with 23 classes (540 pupils aged 6-15). Our staff includes 34 teachers, 8 teacher assistants, 8 educators and 1 psychologist. We have developed a good system of the support to children with learning disabilities.

Our school has been concerned with a lot of topics connected with this project so we would like to use our experience to continue working on previous issues and develop them.

We focus on sports (floorball, climbing wall, volleyball, skiing, cross-country skiing, swimming, cycling, inline skating, hiking, gymnastics, handball) and we emphasise healthy lifestyle, which hiking – our project topic – combines: sports and health.

We are involved in a project called “Healthy School Cuisine” or take part in an activity “Recycling Games Or Clean the World Up” – we try to collect electrical waste such as batteries etc.

We are a part of projects connected with CLIL – Erasmus+ KA101 (teachers take CLIL courses) and “The Support of Primary School Šafaříkova in the Form of the Project ´Templates II´ ” where teachers perform some classes using CLIL.

We also have experience with Erasmus+ KA2 projects – from 2014 to 2017 we had a project called “Czeck It Out, Be Croative And Finnish Ahead” with Croatia and Finland. Some teachers even have experience with Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership – Youth (part of “The Club Of Friends”).

We have participated in eTwinning projects – “Toys Are Us” and “Czeck It Out, Be Croative And Finnish Ahead” with Finland and Croatia, “The Alphabeth of My Town And Country” with Finland and “Teach Me Your Language And I´ll Visit You” with Germany.

Our main motivation to join this project is to provide a project which shows a healthy way of learning and brings outdoor learning to our school via hiking, which isn´t a pure sport but also a way of learning. Furthermore, we would like to repeat what we have a good experince with – and that is working with partner schools abroad, learning about different cultures and enriching our school life and teachers and pupils´ knowledge and skills in various fields – multiculture, language, ICT, environment etc..