About the project


The two-year project “Hiking – Explore And Learn!” is based on the Erasmus+ partnership of three schools: Základní škola Valašské Meziříčí from the Czech Republic, Rigas Valda Avotina pamatskola from Latvia and IES Virgen de la Soledad from Spain. This partnership was created via the platform of eTwinning.

Our main work will be based on hiking. We want to show hiking as an innovative way of outdoor learning, connected with learning foreign languages, Geography, History, Biology and Environmental education.

Our main priorities are:

– Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning

– Supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences

– Environmental climate goals

Main topics addressed by our project are:

– Health and well-being

– Environmental and climate change

– Teaching and learning foreign languages

Main objectives of our project are:

– New methods of teaching and learning of English and other subjects

– Real-life communication opportunities

– Cross-curricular collaboration

– Supporting skills of team work, cooperation, creativity and innovation

– Cooperation with local companies

– Development of teachers´ skills and personal profiles

– Healthy learning and lifestyle

– Showing the environment and nature as a source of knowledge

– Focusing on the main local environmental problems of each country

– Changing pupils´ perception of the environment towards its protection

Our main methodology will be:


– outdoor learning

– digital technologies

– team work


1) Pre-hiking CLIL lessons and preparatory lessons

2) Hiking -trips with worksheets, shooting videos, taking pictures, collecting rubbish etc.

– 2 hiking trips a year in each country

– focus on Geography and Biology in the first year and Geopraphy and History in the second year.

3) Post-hiking lessons – editing videos, processing hiking results, writing texts, creating printable and interactive exercises,

multilingual dictionary

4) Communicative activities – writing letters, emails via TwinSpace, videoconferences

5) Short term exchanges of pupils in:

– Spain (Doñana National Park, Seville, recycling, making toys, school orchard)

– the Czech Republic: Excursions to our partner companies: Tridas, Eco Centre, lecture by a Nature Reserve (CHKO) Beskydy Representative, Biology trip, History trip, photography course, workshops.

– Latvia (Zilie kalni (Blue Hills) National Park in Ogre – Ice Age Masterpiece, Old Riga, making a movie)


Two main results with individual subresults:

  1. Lesson plan and worksheet booklet – it will contain 12 lesson plans based on CLIL, worksheets for CLIL lessons and the key to exercises. This result will be useful especially to teachers who will use the method of CLIL in Geography, Biology or History in the future.

2)  Tourist guide – it will be an educational source of tourist routes for everybody, especially for families with children for whom we would like to raise motivation while hiking and bring an amusing but educational element to hiking. We will place the tourist guides to tourist info centres. Using i-phones will increase the use of the tourist guide. It will contain:

– 12 tourist routes with description, short texts and maps

– photos

– multilingual dictionary (Czech, English, Latvian, Spanish)

– 12 printed exercises + key

– 12 QR codes to interactive exercises

– 12 QR codes to video reports from the trips

Additional results:

1) Calendar

2) Results from Learning, teaching, training activities (exchanges of pupils)

– Czech Republic: posters, photo presentations, video, diaries

– Spain: toys, photos, video, diaries

– Latvia: video, photos, flyers, posters, worksheets