A street poll is an effective way to disseminate Erasmus project results and gather feedback from the public. 

Rīgas Valda Avotiņa pamatskola organised the street poll near the school area.

The main reason was to get to know the public opinion about hiking and whether people know about HEAL project.

Erasmus HEAL project Team created some questions and tool flyers to give people to introduce the HEAL project, the Erasmus Team made an information board as well that will stand out in the street for three days.

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Pupils and teachers assessed the mobility to Latvia that took place there in April. You can see the results attached.

Czech school has updated their noticeboards at school and in town next to the castle. Parents coming to school or tourists and inhabitants of the town can see pictures from the last mobility to Latvia and they can also use the QR codes to link them to our tourist guide or our new video about the Learning, teaching and training activities in Latvia. We have also founded a new permanent exhibition in a display cabinet on the ground floor of our school. People coming to school will be able to see the results of our mutual cooperation with Latvia and Spain.

All pupils who took part in the project filled in a final feedback form where they could express their feelings towards the whole project and they also answered the same questions that they answered at the beginning of the project – questions about our countries. According to the results we can see that most questions have more right answers than they had three years ago but some answers are still incorrect. Suprisingly, most pupils don´´t know that Latvia is in eastern Europe! |Final feedback and survey result

As a part of our attempt to improve pupils´ digital competences a short photo-course with a photocompetition was organized during the mobility to Latvia. The winner of the category called “Nature“ is Ester Volková with her picture of water. The best photographer in the category of “Our project Erasmus“ was Beáta Červenková with her photo of children meditating on the pavement in Riga when waiting for the train. The best picture in the free category was Sára Vlčková´s mysterious street of Riga. Congratulations!

Spanish school informed the public about our project on some project posters in the library and in the town hall.

Czech school created a flyer that they will distribute to the general public and information centres to inform about our project results.

It was pleasure to welcome Erasmus HEAL Team in Latvia as we were ready for exciting journey of learning and hiking during the time in Latvia – beautiful country. The Erasmus program provides an incredible opportunity for students to expand their horizons, learn new skills, and immerse themselves in different cultures. Erasmus offers experiences that will stay with all of participants for the rest of their life, and Latvian team was honored that the guests have chosen to come and to explore and learn about Latvia.

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Spanish school created a flyer that they will distribute to the general public and information centres to inform about our project results.