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Czech school has updated their noticeboards at school and in town next to the castle. Parents coming to school or tourists and inhabitants of the town can see pictures from the last mobility to Latvia and they can also use the QR codes to link them to our tourist guide or our new video about the Learning, teaching and training activities in Latvia. We have also founded a new permanent exhibition in a display cabinet on the ground floor of our school. People coming to school will be able to see the results of our mutual cooperation with Latvia and Spain.

As a part of our attempt to improve pupils´ digital competences a short photo-course with a photocompetition was organized during the mobility to Latvia. The winner of the category called “Nature“ is Ester Volková with her picture of water. The best photographer in the category of “Our project Erasmus“ was Beáta Červenková with her photo of children meditating on the pavement in Riga when waiting for the train. The best picture in the free category was Sára Vlčková´s mysterious street of Riga. Congratulations!

Czech school created a flyer that they will distribute to the general public and information centres to inform about our project results.

Czech Republic has updated their noticeboards about the project activities at school as well as in the town.

Date: 21st November 2022

Children were asking people in the streets of Valašské Meziříčí about their knowledge of our project.

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On Thursday 19th May 2022 Czech Erasmus + pupils with two teachers made their fourth planned trip, to Devil´s and Pulčín Rocks. Our route lead from Lidečko through these rocks to the village of Zděchov.

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Michaela Barochová from class 8B created a short photoreport out of photos from our first trip to Ondřejník, as a reminder of our great experience.

We have finished videoreports to our first three trips – Ondřejník massif, Lake Cáb and Lysá hora mountain. Pupils spent a lot of hours in the computer classroom editing videos in the Pinnacle programme. Everybody learned how to edit a video, add opening and closing credits and music. The videos will be a part of our e-tourist guide. You can see how successful our pupils were!

CZECH REPUBLIC – we have updated our project noticeboard placed next to the Castle of Žerotín in the middle of the town. People can read about our trips and activities that children do during the project.