Erasmus HEAL in LATVIA

Erasmus HEAL in LATVIA

It was pleasure to welcome Erasmus HEAL Team in Latvia as we were ready for exciting journey of learning and hiking during the time in Latvia – beautiful country. The Erasmus program provides an incredible opportunity for students to expand their horizons, learn new skills, and immerse themselves in different cultures. Erasmus offers experiences that will stay with all of participants for the rest of their life, and Latvian team was honored that the guests have chosen to come and to explore and learn about Latvia.

Each of Erasmus HEAL countries has a unique culture and history, and by coming together Erasmus Team shares a common goal of learning from each other while discovering the incredible beauty and diversity of nature around us.

From the begining on opening Erasmus HEAL ceremony Latvians chose folk music band Auļi as their music and videoclips represent Latvian traditions.

Latvian Team chose to show Latvia showing world wide popular bands Prāta Vētra song “Welcome to my country” as it is beautiful and usefull video about Latvia.

Opening speech was held by Erasmus project Latvian coordinator Jolanta Āboltiņa, Rīgas Valda Avotiņa pamatskola headmaster Gunta Maslovska gave short speech as well as esteemed guests:

– ambassador of Spain Manuel Alhama Orenes whose presence was a testimony to the strong relationship between countries;

– chairperson of the Latvian -Czech Society Mrs. Halina Lapiņa.

During Latvian Mobility Erasmus HEAL Team was embarking on hikes across Latvian beautiful landscapes. Erasmus HEAL Team chose hiking as an activity because we believe that it is the perfect way to truly connect with nature while also getting some exercise, spending time with good company and exploring some of the world’s most beautiful trails.

Hiking was just a part of project meeting in Latvia, and Latvian Erasmus HEAL Team was excited to offer many other opportunities for learning, growth, and cultural exchange by attending workshops, excibitions, meeting experts.

Erasmus HEAL Team had photoorientation to get to know not only Old Riga, but to get to know symbols used in architecture, it is part of history.

Erasmus HEAL Team had hiking and lecture in Ogres Nature Park Zilie Kalni, after that attended Ogres Central Library as it is the largest passive public wooden, self-sufficient structure building in Latvia. It is important to understand what people can do for environmental and climate change.

Erasmus HEAL Team had hiking in Sigulda, where everyone could participate in workshops to try ancient craft, get to know the oldest tourist objects in the Baltic States – Gutmana cave, sandstonecliffs.

Latvian meeting was the time full of fun, laughs, new friendships, and unforgettable memories as Erasmus HEAL Team had real – life communication, cooperation, had

opportunity to understand the enviroment and nature are the good source to get new knowlwdge.

The last day was sorrow, but really full of joy and hope it will not end but it will continue through youth letters/emails/whatsapp message exchanging.