Project day in Latvia

Project day in Latvia

Rigas Valda AVotina pamatskola is involved in Erasmus project “Hiking – Explore And Learn ”.
This was interesting and hard time because of the epidemological reasons. Most of the school year we all were on distance learning, we did not have chances to go hike. We work theoretically and had videoconferences in order to meet our project partners and friends.
But there came beautiful and flowerfull spring, and everyone had hunger to go out.
So our school according to the project aims suggested to have hiking day.
We could not to hike all together, but we could go hike on all together one day.

“Go outside, see the light of day – this is the best way to wake up. If our brains see the sun instead of the phone screen, the body’s internal processes start much more successfully. ”

The aim of the project day:
• Perform physical activities in the fresh air to strengthen the understanding of a healthy and active lifestyle and gain positive emotions.
• Explore, learn and show others spring changes in nature.

Project day participants:
• 1st – 9th grade students.
• Teachers and parents.
• Others interesents.

Report on hiking day:
• A brief description of what was seen and felt on the day of the project, supplemented by photo or video recordings, sent by e-mail to school email.
• Deadline for submission of works – 11.05. until 16.00.

• Your achievements will be evaluated (you will receive a rating in science / sports).
• Project day materials will be compiled and displayed in virtual exhibitions on the school’s website, the school’s Facebook and Erasmus project’s Hiking-Explore And Learn pages.
• There will be surprise prizes!

There were great response and kids with their families attended so many interesting places and made presentations, discriptions, photoes and even videos.
There were kids who decide to go for photo orientation through out the Riga city, enjoying the spring blooming and city’s history. They realized thet there are so many to discover in Riga city!
There were kids who went to hike further away from Riga and walked nature trails, dicovered small villages.

You can see the outline of the project day on our school’s Facebook page!

Follow the news both on the school website and on the school’s facebook profile

Look at the pupils work.