Learning, teaching, training activities in Spain 25th-29th May 2022

Learning, teaching, training activities in Spain 25th-29th May 2022

After a one-year postponement due to covid-19 we finally managed to visit our partner school in Spain, Pilas, where we also met our partners from Latvia, Riga. We stayed at a great hotel Lantana Garden, situated in the middle of beautiful gardens.

Together 28 pupils and 8 teachers were guests of school IES Virgen de la Soledad, which prepared a lot of activities for us: sports games in the local park, visiting Sevilla, Corredor Verde with activities such as kayaking, arrow shooting, climbing wall or rope park. We also visited Doñana National Park and had a chance to try out the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, even if it was too cold for a lot of us.

Even if we faced some difficulties due to covid-19 in the form of necessary covid testing, certificates, not being allowed to stay in the host families etc., I really think this was a very successful mobility and our children found friends for the rest of their lives. Full of new experience about differences in Spanish culture, weather, food or temperament we had to say goodbye after a week, sheding tears and hugging our new friends.

See you in September in the Czech Republic!

Hana Břoušková.

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