Erasmus final meeting in Spain

Erasmus final meeting in Spain

Last Thursday 17th June, we had a meeting to thank our students and their families for participating in our Erasmus program. Despite the difficult times we are going through, they have been working with great enthusiasm and dedication. They are willing to go on working in our project and doing all the activities which have not been possible to do this year.

We gathered in the school courtyard to give them a certification and some clothes (cap and jacket) with the project logos. There was a representation of all the school sections at the meeting (teachers, headmistress, administration…) and we all agreed that joining the project has been a wonderful experience as regards its main topic and also, getting to know students and colleagues from the other countries we are working on with.

Finally, we would like to say that we are looking forward to the years to come and hope to keep on interacting in such good terms. Enjoy your holidays and see you in September!

Spanish partner school

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