Final feedback after the 1st project year

Final feedback after the 1st project year

We have just finished our first project year and we have been curious how children liked it. Here are results of our final questionnaires:

Latvia asked about the last videoconference:

There were 2girls and 2boys participated in VC
100% answered that they liked videoconference and admitted it was not hard to prepare for this videoconference (100%). 100% chose answer – kahoot game was fun, got to know new words
50% answered it was hard to play kahoot as it was all in English
25% it was almost easy
25% it was easy
Everybody 100% would love to participate in Erasmus conference once more, but would like to travel to the partner’s countries.
The things kids observed during videoconference:
I liked that we could meet others again.
I liked to participate in kahoot game.
I didnt like to tell others about my summer plans as I think they didn´t hear anything as I didn´t understand when others talked.
I noticed the Erasmus partners were at the school, I wish we could go to the school.
I wonder will we be able to go to those countries I would love to.

Czech Republic questionnaire: see

Children liked hiking and videoconferences best. They are mostly looking forward to travelling to Spain and Latvia. Some kids wish for more videoconferences and also writing handwritten letters.

Spanish questionnaire results

1. The topic of the program is:

2. The most interesting thing has been:

3. I would like to go on with the program next year:

4. I would like to join in another program in the future:

5. We have been properly informed of the things we have to do:

6. Our families have been properly informed about the program:

7. The amount of activities we have done is:

8. The relationship with the other students participating in the program has been:

9. The organization organization of the videocalls has been:

10 Is there any recommendation you would like to make?

1. More videocalls (60%)

2. I don´t have any recommendations (30)

3. More trips (10)